NCAA Championship

Who do you think will win, Indiana or Maryland?


i thinck indiana should win because they are the under dogs and it reminds me that the under dogs can win if they put there heart and soul into it.

iu has been the underdogs thorought the whole tourney. i know they will pull it off

Im from the hoosier state, so i have go with Indiana. PLus, IU has taken out everyone so far, including the Sooners, the BLue Devils, and some other teams.

Note: I really dislike basketball

darn it Maryland won.

“Maryland, we’re all behind you.
Wave high the black and gold,
For there is nothing half so glorious
As to see our team victorious.
We’ve got the team, boys,
We’ve got the steam, boys,
So keep on fighting, don’t give in!
Maryland will win!”

ok, i got it out of my system…
What a fitting end to the last year at Cole.


Steve (University of Maryland c/o 2003)

P.S. I was not out on Rt. 1 last night.

Maryland won!
The only reason i rooted for them was that I am only 5 min away from the MD border and I might go there! It was a good game and Indiana played a strong and tough game which prevented MD from scoring higher.