NE Championships

Curious to here peoples thoughts, been out of it for a bit…

going into the NE Championships at BU, who would you say are the top 10, top 20 teams to watch? Curious to know who to look for

not personally a NE guy but if youre just looking for a quick list check out frclocks, all those 100% teams are teams that have made it without taking into consideration week 6 events, which means they definitely rocked it at their 2. I know this isn’t the be all end all but its something quick to look at that you can go in and double check by looking at thebluealliance

I’m glad you said top 20 because there are a lot of great bots in New England this year. My team has been working to analyze what we predict will be the teams that make it to NE DCMP and the list of, “oh wow, they’re really good” is currently at about 25 robots and we are still finding more. To think that we could have 8 alliances that are stacked up with three of these teams each is really exciting. Look for the top three seeds coming out of quals to most likely be 133, 195, and 319 with their ability to dominate the scale and rack up 4 RP in nearly every match, but with so many great robots, it is really anybody’s game.

2018 Boston teams.xls (79.5 KB)

See attachment for some good data

2018 Boston teams.xls (79.5 KB)

I think the big question is who the chairmans winners will be. There are a lot of very strong teams that will be competing for it. My current predictions are 125, 558, 133, and 78. However 3930 has a lot going for them, especially their China trip to go mentor 6487.

The field depth at NEDCMP is stunning this year, with many possible alliances able to complete all of the game tasks at extremely fast rates. We are pumped for some strong, competitive, matches this year!

Agreed. There are a lot of very good robots here in NE and the competition is going to be fierce. Looking forward to watching a lot of exciting matches even throughout quals. I’m sure the elimination rounds are going to be extremely competitive and exciting.

This might be the most competitive NE Champs so far. Lots of highly capable teams who could make up a full set of 24 for elims.

I’m eager to see where switch/vault specialist teams will fit in.


I think it’ll be an interesting preview for what Switch/Vault specialists can expect at Champs.

100%… I am so curious to find out what happens when the first round is complete, which alliances opt for a third scale robot vs a specialist. Then we finally get to see what happens when those two styles meet head to head. Hopefully us switch bots can put on a good showing so that we don’t set a bad precedent for worlds!

Definitely should be interesting. Can’t wait to compete and see all the awesome teams!