NE District Championship

I don’t know what else to say but wow! NE never fails to produce!
Those elimination matches are my new favorite. Great job by all the teams competing… From the stands it was everything one could possibly cheer for high scores, close matches, last minutes climbs, tiebreakers, and those semifinals 2 matches that I don’t know how else to describe it but saying intense we all new somthing big was happening and the whole stadium was on the edge of there seats waiting for the call. Great job and good luck to those NE TEAMS COMPETING AT WORLDS!!! Represent us well.

Congrats to 125,195, and 2168 !!! Was a interesting series of events to get there that’s for sure.

This was how the game was meant to be played. Congrats to 125, 195, 2168, and everyone else who competed. I had a ton of fun watching the matches the past few days, and can’t wait to see how it goes in STL!

Someone please post a video of the high score match! This was an incredible event.

It was certainly satisfying hearing the chains in the towers ringing constantly! Congrats to all those who qualified to Worlds!

But who qualified for worlds? Is there a list?

Thanks, Carl C!

Great job this weekend! Amazing competition.

I have 20 plane seats available RT $168 Boston to Worlds - did not qualify and would hate to see this rate not used .

How did you…?

Are you sure that’s not 1-way?

They are round trip Boston to Indianapolis, 3 hr 50 minute drive to worlds.

The rate is crazy - that’s why I grabbed them

Match videos should be going up today!

Hello, I was at the event with my team, the ligerbots. We had some problems with our robot but the event was amazing. I have never seen more exciting playoff matches. In addition, it was awesome to see the world high score. I would like to thank all of the volunteers and people at the event who made it so awesome.

-Spencer Bowman, Mechanical on the Ligerbots

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you and congratulations to all of the teams that competed in New England this year, especially those at NECMP! It’s really a humbling feeling to have seen so many of you through this hard-fought season, as a Defense Coordinator at North Shore, and Lead Queuer at Waterbury, UMass Dartmouth, UNH Durham, and at the District Champs this weekend at the XL Center in Hartford.

It was amazing to see 558, 177, and 5686 team up for the win at CTWAT, because I knew that was only the beginning of the incredibly competitive season we were going to see in New England. I was so proud to be field-side at North Shore where I got to see my close friends from 319 (and Ty from GameSense), as well as 1058 and 6161 all pull in their first regular season event wins. Playoffs at Dartmouth were electric, where 195 kicked off another dominating season with 155 and 3461, who got their first win as well! I had another front-row seat when 1519 hit the ground running at UNH Durham, as the first pick of the first seed 319, and 1512 (with their first blue banner!). I even got to catch the playoffs at the Hartford district, where 195, 558, and 3461 teamed up in an incredibly heated finals against 177, 155, and 2168, with the final score being 195-193, and a precursor of the high level of play we would see at the New England District Championship.

I’m immensely proud of my team, 190, who made it to quarters at WPI, were finalists at RIDE and at the Montgomery District in MAR, won EI at RIDE, and of our student Avital who was named a Dean’s List Finalist this weekend. I also have to recognize my old rookie team, 1735, who made it to semi-finals at RIDE, and took home two awards this season in recognition of the new resource they’ve developed for teams, I know I already mentioned them, but I need to congratulate 319 again on a stellar season in New England, taking home not only their first but also their second winner’s banner this season, and in general kicking butt and taking names.

NECMP was insanely competitive, with 125, 195, and 2168 (our District Champions!) setting the world high score of 225 in the playoffs, followed a few matches later with yet another record set by 1519, 230, and 176! There are so many other teams I want to shout out, but I don’t have enough characters to fit it into one post.

Lastly, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the teams from this weekend. It’s always a pleasure to queue you all, and I’m constantly impressed with how cool you are under pressure. I love getting to hear how you’re doing in the competition, hearing about your season, and just chatting in general when you’re on deck. I don’t have words for how proud I am of all of you this season.

You have all of my love and adoration, New England! I can’t wait to see you compete in person at the World Championship in a couple weeks.


As a member of the energetic blue field reset crew, we all worked our butts off to get us ahead wherever possible. Congratulations and thank you to all teams involved, you made this a truly unforgettable experience. To see the world high score get broken, and then broken again shortly after, was amazing.

This weekend was a lot of fun and I really wanted to thank the committee that put this event on. Of the three District Championships we’ve had in New England this was one of the better ones I have been to. I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of teams who want to say Thank You for giving teams a nice large area to practice with their robots!

1058 had a good time and while it wasn’t our best finish of the year I am really proud we got our shooter working on Friday morning and developed our groove of 5-6 high goals.

Thank you to 319 B.O.B. for picking us again we’ve enjoyed getting to play with your team this year and hope we can do it more! The NH Alliance was cool when 3467 rounded us off you guys did have been steadily improving and your 7-8 high goal matches was what we needed if we wanted a chance against 1519, 230, and 176 who played Stronghold at an entirely new level!

Congratulations to the Chairmans teams of 230, 1519, 2648, & 4761 who will be representing New England this year!

Here is a link to the video our team took:

Aces High 176 also posted another link on their Facebook page that is even a little better.

Team 230, 176, and 1519 made the world record for most points scored during a stronghold game at NE District Championship

Thank you so much to the volunteers who made all of these events possible. And a special congratulations to the field reset crew at NECMP for actually keeping things on time! (the delays in semi-finals were freakish and you handled them with aplomb). How you had energy to pull off those dance moves between matches is beyond me.

Thank you to the teams who competed. It was an honor to share the field, the pits, and the stands with you. You guys rock!

I saw 230 and 176 when I was at UMass Dartmouth. These are both impressive machines. I especially love 230’s very unique intake. I look forward to seeing 1519 at champs.

Congrats to 125, 195, and 2186 - It was a great weekend for the family, and for #2 alliances.