NE District Championships: PreCompetition Data from Caleb Sykes' Database

We’ve got an incredibly talented cohort of 64 teams heading up to Worcester for New England District Championships, and I was curious about how they all stacked up in comparison to each other in their Deep Space prowess. Utilizing the incredible data from Caleb Sykes’ Scouting Database (available here on github), as well as Alicia Bay’s excellent Tableau visualizations of that data (from this CD thread), we can get a comprehensive overview of the deep competition field we’ll have this week at WPI.

Available here on Google sheets is a spreadsheet for all teams attending the event with filters (the column labels are abbreviated so that data is more easily viewable as a whole, if any are confusing feel free to ask me what they stand for). I found this useful as while the graphs are nice for visualizations, its nice to be able to sort teams and view an overall ranking by any particular category. Make a copy if you want to sort the data by any particular column.

Here is the Overall Points Tableau Analysis provided by 1918, filtered for NE DCMP:

And here is the Game Element Tableau Analysis:

Again, all credit goes to Caleb Sykes and Alicia Bay for their work in providing the community with this data and these visualizations. This is just here for a NE District Championship specific analysis view! Good luck to all teams competing this week!


Had some extra time to create some more visualizations of data so here’s some stacked bar charts! One for overall points in a match, one for teleoperated points, and one for climbing points. I think its interesting how you can visually see what teams can score high and what teams can score low in the teleop graph, and what teams have the best level 3 climbers and what teams climb level 2 the most frequently. The ends of these graphs have teams with negative points in certain categories so their bars look out of place, but the sums of all the points for all of these teams are in fact in order.

It’s hard to see the specifics of each graph in the default ChiefDelphi post so I suggest opening the image in another tab to see the details/clicking on it to view the full size.

Overall points:

Teleop points:

Hab and Climb points:

It’s important to note the way individual cargo and hatch points are calculated in Caleb’s database doesn’t seem to be direct points, rather its more of a contribution factor, so climbing is over valued in the overall points graph at the moment.

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