NE Events not enough spots?

I was just doing the math and there’s 199 team signed up for NE events and only 263 spots available at NE events. How will this work? Will they add spots to some events?

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Most events withhold spots during 1st event registration both for waitlist and to have slots for 2nd event registration. Chances are, most spots will be added when the 2nd event reg comes around.

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Looks like New England has 11 events scheduled, down from 12 last year. Assuming all of them have a 40 team end capacity, that’s 440 team-events. 440 team events can support a maximum of 220 teams in the district.

Granted, some of these may be <40 team venues and scheduling/location concerns may make certain events untenable for certain teams.

That makes sense, I was wondering why the events were all limited to 33 teams.

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