[NE FIRST] 2014 Rhode Island District Event

I’ve come out of CD retirement to start a thread for the Rhode Island District Event (RIDE)! I’m really impressed with the current team list and am looking forward to seeing who else will be joining us.

As of 10/15 we have 24 teams:
61, 78, 121, 138, 190, 246, 663, 1100, 1350, 1517, 1757, 1973, 2079, 2168, 2621, 3623, 3719, 3780, 4048, 4176, 4474, 4761, 4905, & 4908.

The event will take place at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI on 3/21-3/22.

This will be the first FRC event ever held in RI! Make all the small state jokes you can but I assure you, this event will be a big hit.

Tell us your coming at the Facebook event page:

Keep an eye the New England FIRST website for updates and additional information throughout the coming months:

Three important items for the Rhode Island District Event teams as we head into New England District competition week one.

Machine Shop: Due to facility power constraints, teams will not be able to use power-hungry tools such as drill presses and band saws in their pits. To give machining capability to teams, we have planned a team-sourced machine shop that will be operated by event staff. However, with less than four weeks to go, only one team has said they can bring tools. If we do not receive responses from teams to fill the machine shop, we risk not having one at all. Please visit http://www.nefirst.org/portfolio/ri-event/ to see what tools are needed.

Volunteers: To properly staff a district event, nearly 100 volunteers are needed. Currently, our event is short approximately 25 volunteers. Remember the team volunteer requirement for New England. Your volunteer does not need to be a team member. It could be a parent, sibling, or even someone who wants to learn about FRC! Visit https://my.usfirst.org/vims/ to register.

**Playing Field Carpet: **After each event, the playing field carpet gets retired and a team may request to take home one or both of the carpet rolls – free! The rolls are 15 feet wide by 75 feet long and would be the great to have for a practice field at your workshop. If any team (even those not attending the event) would like to take the carpet, please contact us on our website http://www.nefirst.org/portfolio/ri-event/.

The Rhode Island District Event Planning Committee is committed to bringing our teams the best possible event. However, we currently find ourselves with a shortage of volunteers for the event.

If you or anyone you know (another team member, parent, friend) is available to fill any of the following positions, please sign up now! It only takes a few minutes. Instructions available here: https://my.usfirst.org//FIRSTPortal/VIMS/VIMS_Step_by_Step.pdf

PS: I promise the food will be good!

No Experience Required Positions:
Day 0 A/V Setup: 1
Day 2 A/V Teardown: 1
Day 0 Setup: 4
Field Reset: 6
Pit Admin Assistant: 1
Practice Field Assistant: 2
Safety Glasses Personnel: 4
Team Queuing: 3

**Experience Required Positions: **
Machine Shop Personnel: 1
Referee: 1
Robot Inspector: 1
Safety Advisor: 1

QUick question:

Are the pits 10 x 10?

And I’m putting out the word for more volunteers from our way, although we really exhausted our resources here at home!

**Playing Field Carpet: **After each event, the playing field carpet gets retired and a team may request to take home one or both of the carpet rolls – free! The rolls are 15 feet wide by 75 feet long and would be the great to have for a practice field at your workshop. If any team (even those not attending the event) would like to take the carpet, please contact us on our website http://www.nefirst.org/portfolio/ri-event/.

A note on those rolls of carpet. The full roll of half the playing field is CUMBERSOME but moveable. Expect to use 6 strong people, or 8 robotics team members to move it (heh heh). Bring webbing (straps). SAVE the CORE to make the roll-up easier.

Alternative: cut the 75 feet in half and you will have 4 much more manageable rolls that will provide a very decent practice field for a few years.

We did both: kept 1 full roll, and made 2 half-rolls. Someone said I was “frickin’ nuts,” but I am going to be very happy when we finally get a full-length field, and have a seamless carpet to put down on it.

Thanks to everyone for the great response on our volunteer search! We are excited for all the new volunteers in New England.

The final pit map and floor plan are available on http://www.nefirst.org/portfolio/ri-event/

Brian, the pits are 10’x10’.

Hello All,

As one of the few Alpha Test Teams for FIRST (We were given the 2015 control system to help FIRST with test development) we would like to bring this hardware along with us to the RI district and set up a display to show it off to the teams there.

We think this will be a great addition to the competition. Allowing teams to interact with the control system they will be required to use next year.

The control system is currently set up on our 2013 robot, the best way to demonstrate its capabilities to teams is to show it in action.

I am writing to see how/who/what needs to be done to allow us to set up some space in a hallway or something (I am unfamiliar with Bryant University’s layout) so that we can have an area to drive our Alpha Demonstration Robot Around, and interact with teams, answer questions, possibly shoot frisbees in a closed off space. Have a table with a few computers set up, and possible internet connection for the duration of the event.

I know some of the other members of our team have already tried to contact a few people via email. I thought a post here would catch more visibility.

Please let me know, I need to know if I am bringing the extra robot to RI with us by Wednesday night.

All of this is merely to benefit the people who will be in attendance at RI.


Sounds like this is shaping up to be a really good event! Looking forward to coming down on Saturday to check some amazing robots!

I’m really looking forward to RIDE this weekend! It’s looking like it’ll be another new and well-run event with a great list of teams! I’m just hoping I can make it through this week of school…

Agreed Nathan, strong team list, in a brand new location with a good heading when it comes to getting it run. This is going to be fun! See you all there!

Kevin, we are happy to display the new system. Please send an email to RInefirst.org to coordinate.


I hope I can make it on Saturday, but this week is being crazy so I might be asleep.

Please visit our official website for all the information you and your team needs for the event this weekend. See you soon!

Day Zero

Load-in at 3

Pits open at 5.

So very there!

We have something new to show you …

The webcast is live at: http://new.livestream.com/nefirst/ri-ride

Check it out!

Friday at RIDE was pretty fun. It’s the first time I’ve been an event volunteer, and robot inspection was an ideal position. We were done enough with inspections by lunch that I was able to go help my team. We worked through our issues and will kick it up a notch tomorrow.

I look forward to a great set of matches tomorrow.

RIDE was a fantastic event! Rick and crew did an amazing job, and the event seemed to run smoothly from my perspective as a mentor. Well done, and thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to help this weekend! I know how difficult it has been in the district this year with multiple events per weekend and in the case of this weekend, multiple events in the same general area. Even with many “rookie” volunteers, they definitely stepped up to the challenge. Thank you all once again!

I would like to thank the whole RIDE crew. This was there first FIRST competition they put on and I know how much work goes on behind the stage.

You guys made RI look good.

Keep the great work up


A huge thanks to the planning committee, judges, refs, scoring table crew, production crew, and the many other volunteers who made this event so well-run! It was yet another great New England first-time district!

Big congratulations to the winning alliance of 78, 125, and 4761… you guys were great! You guys forced us to play at our absolute best, and when we didn’t, you were there ready to grab the victory! Your alliance was very strong and very complimentary… excellent job!

A tremendous congratulations also to 1100 on their Chairman’s win! It sounds like you guys really deserved it!

Thank you very much to our alliance partners… 2168 and 5163! You guys were fun to work with and were a pleasure to pick! Hopefully we can work together at future events and seasons!

Congratulations to team 125 NUTRONS and 4761 Robockets and thank you for playing massive roles in our win at the Rhode Island District Event this weekend. You both were great picks and we’ll hopefully see you both again at the New Englend FRC Region Championship 4/10-4/12.

Also 1519, 2168, and 5163 thank you for awesome finals matches. I think you guys put up a great fight and I hope to see all of you again at the district championship. 1100 congrats on the Chairman’s Award as well. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys in Boston too.

I also want to thank a few other hard workers at the event, the volunteers. Thank you to Matt Simpson for being an outstanding FTA and keeping the day moving up to the point where we were an hour and a half ahead of schedule. Great job and if your wondering who this is I’m the driver from 78 who was in your ? box the whole day:D
Also thank you to the referees and head ref Marc for your impartial and fair judgment of the competition which without you wouldn’t be possible. Also sorry Marc for also making your job harder by standing in the ? box haha.
Finally I just want to congratulate my good friend and mentor Mr. Gary Gabriel for winning the Volunteer of the Year Award. Mr. Gabriel you’ve taught me such valuable and life-long skills beyond the physical work over the past four years that I will take with me and remember forever and I just want to say thank you and you truly deserve the Volunteer of the Year Award. GOOOOO NAAVY!!!