[NE FIRST] Battle of the Bay - Nov. 15

Team 319 (Big Bad Bob) is pleased to announce our inaugural off-season event!

Battle of the Bay

Saturday, November 15, 2014
(Backup date: November 8, 2014).

Prospect Mountain High School
242 Suncook Valley Hwy
Alton, NH 03809

25 teams

Team and volunteer registration will be available soon!

More updates to come! Hope to see you there!

1058 will definitely look into attending!

58 as well

Registration is now live!

Sign up your team here: http://tinyurl.com/BattleOfTheBayTeams

Sign up to volunteer here: http://tinyurl.com/BattleOfTheBayVolunteers

We hope to see you in November!

Wow, really excited to see another New England off-season event close to home in the fall. Kudos to 319 for organizing this.

Not sure we have all of our fall plans in line but hopefully we can attend.

5122 will be there !!! Hope to give the Bot one last test before retirement.

319 is kicking the preparations for Battle of the Bay into high gear! If your team is interested in coming, you can sign up here!

1922 OzRam is already registered.

Team 5122 will be there with a Beta RoboRIO on our robot. We would be happy to give a short presentation if anyone is interested.

Thanks so much, 5122. We are interested in how the transition to the new CRIO went for you. Specifically how the Eclipse installation, JAVA and the WPIlib all meshed together. We have used NetBeans in the past.

Hi all, Is this event happening? I have seen nothing about it in a while.

It sure is! We’re hammering out the details. Expect an email soon!

We still have open spots! Come join us in Alton, NH for a great new offseason! We’ll have two beta teams present and ready to answer your questions.

More info can be found on our website.

Great! Old Town and Brewer have our hotel reservations booked and are looking forward to an awesome competition!!!:slight_smile:

3467 is looking forward to the event!

Any thoughts on how the tournament will run will run will less than 24 teams?

I know 4564 is pumped and counting the days!

While I feel that more teams will sign up in the coming days, teams bringing two robots could always help to bump up the numbers if necessary. Hopefully it won’t be an issue!

How much to enter a second robot?:smiley:

If second bots are needed our practice bot is intact minus a few sensor issues.

Really wish that 1058 could go! Unfortunately we just have too much stuff going on during November. I hope the event runs smoothly and everyone has fun!

We’re thinking of coming up from Newton, Massachusetts.

Is there any more information about the event? Start time? End time? We have to figure out if we can make this a day trip.

How many teams are already registered?