NE FIRST: Call for Key Volunteers!

Ever wondered how 5 regionals would turn into 9 district events? Only by the endless support from our volunteers!
It’s now your chance to get involved the way you want in New England. Ever wanted to referee but the same refs have been working your event since you were in high school? Want to work into a key volunteer position? Ever wanted to judge? Now is your chance!

Sign up at to claim your interest. Many key roles will be filled by Thanksgiving, so get moving!

Where are the events? I would love to volunteer but if a car-less college student can’t get there then I don’t think I should.

The NE FIRST events are all across New England. Thanks for your interest, though!

The “preliminary” list for all FRC events, including the Districts, is posted at the FIRST website here. Maybe there is an event (FRC/FTC/FLL) nearer to you? They still need volunteers there too. FIRST Volunteer portal here.

Which naturally leads to the question: Does NE volunteers sign up at both VIMS and NEFIRST?

All volunteers need to sign up in VIMS, this form is more for Key Roles. We’ve got our own lists of who should be upgraded, but we thought it would be good to open it up for public suggestion as well. Most of the roles asked for on the form require extra training than showing up on site, so we like to know them early.

Hey, it’s time for a New England District Forum in the Competitions section. I’ve sent a few messages to the “upstairs,” but nothing yet. Soon I’m sure…

One of the New England events will be Groton, CT, which we are referring to as: “The North Dumpling District Competition”
Just off the coast of Groton is the Island Home of Dean Kamen which is the Kingdom of North Dumpling (apparently, he seceded from the union back in the 80s).

With any luck, maybe Dean will be visiting us on March 8&9. Maybe some VIPs and volunteers might get a chance at a rare tour of his island home? I can’t speak for him of course, I’m just dreaming.

I am curious because this event is not listed in VIMS.
I logged in to actually put myself in VIMS officially usually I am nominated for a position at the last minute.
(Hey you…yeah you…you look handy make yourself useful being >INSERT TITLE HERE<…18 years later…
we have no official record of your participation anywhere…you are not even listed as a volunteer)

It is also not on the event calendar at the NE website as linked above.

It’s on FIRSTs site:


Perhaps but why can’t anyone volunteer for it in VIMS or the NE site?
The other events are listed.

There could be a multitude of legitimate reasons for that being the case. I unfortunately am not in the loop on that one.

There’s plenty of time, I’m sure, to get that straightened out. I’m actually not seeing any FRC events listed on the NE FIRST site. It’s a brand new site, BTW, I’ll give them benefit of the doubt that it will be fixed real soon.

Fatal optimism?:cool: