NE FIRST Covid-19 Response Townhall

Today there was the first of two townhalls about the New England FRC Covid-19 response. The other will be on Thursday. Here is a summary of the Covid-19 Responses. The whole meeting minutes can be found here:

Various contingency plans, with “remote events” being an absolute last case scenario
No spectators
Universal masking
Mandatory vaccine or negative test within 72 hours


Looks pretty cool, what’s the reasoning behind the honor system?


The rationale was as commented: Didn’t want to put any volunteers in the position of having to ask for that info, and a trust in our community.

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I’ve been to concert venues where some mid-20s person making probably not that much money is able to enforce this.

I am typically a pretty firm believer in the honor system, but for this topic specifically, I am doubtful. Although I expect NE in general will be largely pretty good about things.

Everything else I’m quite happy with.


Any reason a volunteer would have to be in that position? I imagine most venues have building security that could be utilized in that way.

Not necessarily. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually seen any security at an FRC event in New England now that I’m thinking about it. A lot of events in schools and whatnot.

Not in NE, but I’ve seen some, including at school-type events. Usually they’re not in particularly obvious spots–one or two by a door, off to one side, that sort of thing.

The honor system has a pretty big drawback, IMO: It doesn’t work if you’ve got someone who isn’t honorable. CA went honor-system for mask/no mask back in June. Within one month my county was back to full mandates for everybody and they haven’t backed off since. The initial thought was that some folks who shouldn’t have been maskless decided to take advantage of it being honor system.

While I would hope that the use of the honor system doesn’t come back to bite anybody… I don’t have great expectations that it won’t.


Fair enough. And maybe I didn’t see them, was def busy focusing on robots! I do think a difference in this instance is that everyone must be masked regardless of vaccination status. I very much got the sense that this will be upheld, and that it is very easy to do visually. We’ll see how it pans out. But no one wants the season to end, and getting other robot nerds sick is a very easy way for that to happen so my guess is it’ll be okay.

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Highly recommend if you actually wish to discuss your question, you either start a new thread about vaccinations entirely, or jump onto one of the other threads that are way off topic as it is.

Asking here adds nothing to the discussion at hand, and is clearly just gonna take this thread right off the rails.


How do you get invited/notified of these meetings? I get newsletter-type emails from NEFIRST, but the last one I got was from July.

To my knowledge, the lead mentors on teams get an email from NE FIRST regarding these meetings.

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I recall a facebook post as well from NEFIRST, and an email was sent to our lead mentor.


A lot of previous town halls were just sent to lead mentors because they were mentor only. This one was open to students, mentors, parents, volunteers, etc, and so we shared it more widely on social media as well as the usual email to mentors. Facebook and the discord are the two places probably most people got it from would be my guess.

Thanks. I’m just old-fashioned I guess and much more likely to look into my email than on a “social” site. And I’m one of those crazy people who volunteers but isn’t on a team, so I feel like I miss a lot of news. I did try going to a week or two ago since I was wondering if events had been posted but everything there that I could find still looked like it was only talking about 2021.

So, when does volunteer registration open? :slight_smile:

Website is a WIP haha. Actually just had a meeting about it this morning. There’s another thread here with the event schedule too. Not sure about volunteer registration yet sorry.

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