[NE FIRST] invitation show?

Has any New England team heard if there will be an invitation show this year for the New England district championships? There was one last year following the end of the last district event.

I think since the official statistics are posted ASAP (Hartford’s Alliance points were posted before lunch ended), there won’t be a surprise like the show last year.

I think the cutoff will be 64 teams, so top 60 + 4 DCA that are not in the top 60.

We’re in 53rd before Hartford finals and awards, so I’m hoping we made it.

I believe it’s all 10 chairmans winners and then top 50 based on points. Remember some teams may decline their invite so your team may be called to take their place.

This plus some teams like 126, 175, 190, and 236 may decide to forgo NE Champs since they are already qualified for the Championship as HOF and Legacy teams but they may decide to attend this year (I know 175 did last year).

By my own counting from the ranking page, there are 4 Chairman’s award winning teams outside the top 60 in points (and I’ll assume the Hartford winner will be too, for more conservative math). So that means the cutoff right now (assuming every team goes) is at team ranking #55, which has 67 points.

However, there’s still other awards, so any team with at least 62 points (rank 71) could swing up, unless teams win multiple awards. It’s probably safe to assume that every team with at least 66+5 = 71 points is in, although EI and RAS could swing this a little more.

The rankings page is now up to date with the invitations.


Thanks to FIRST for making this data available as quickly as they have.

For the record, the cutoff was at the #56 team, who had 66 points.

Sorry for the late reply. The plan was to have a reveal show, but the combination of the new ranking site and one of our hosts having to head overseas for work on short notice brought that to a hault.