[NE FIRST] #makeitloud: Webcasting for 2014 NE Events

I’m just going to leave this here: http://www.nefirst.org/2014/02/25/makeitloud-webcasting-for-2014-ne-events/

Does anyone know if the stream for the NE Championship will be similar to Michigan last year? I got to watching some of the stream from that event and it was extremely high quality, with sports-casters and analysis of the teams competing. It made it way more engaging that just a static camera of the field and the in-house audio.

Link to the archived stream here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUUL97AQ_3A

I second this recommendation.

Awesome news! Thanks Jess, to you and all those who worked to make this possible!

This is wicked sweet. I like how everything is being archived.

Any word on whether we can have Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley run the webcast? That’d be pissa, haha.

I’m really happy to hear this has come together - thanks for the update Jess.

Do you know if there will be an easy way to split archived matches for upload to youtube/TBA? If not, I can throw together a quick python script to do that…

This is going to be so cool. I love the chat part.