[NE FIRST] NE Teams - We want your CAD Component!

Attention New England teams!! The New England Championship is working on a “secret” project!!

We are looking for any New England teams that design in CAD to pick their favorite component from the last 3 years (so think gearbox, shooter hood, wheel module, shoulder joint, etc) to send us a WIREFRAME of that component for use in our project. The Wireframe can have dimensions on it, or not, whatever is easiest for you. Having at least some dimensions labeled is preferred. Please leave out any team number “stencils” that may have been cut into the component (or they will be removed in our process).

Some examples are here: (Inventor) and (ProE). We prefer files with “No Hidden Lines” if possible (both of these quick examples show hidden lines), but can work with either.

Quick Details
WHAT: Your Favorite Component in Wireframe form (pdf/png preferred)
DUE: Friday December 27th
HOW: Email your file to necmp @ nefirst.org (without the spaces)
SUBMIT: Team Number, Year of Design