NE First Waterbury Predictions

NE FIRST Waterbury District Event Predictions
Its the inaugural Waterbury District event, and i’m looking forward to this event. With 34 teams on the entry list and 32 of them being from CT. There will be many familiar faces wondering around the pits. I believe this event will be one of the most competitive events in NE this year, as the entry list is stacked with some of the best teams in CT. this event is a Friday-Sunday event taking place February 27-March 1st.
Sure bets:
195- there is no doubt that 195 is a highly regarded team in NE, since 2011 they have won at least one event every year since. I saw this robot at a week zero event, and I admired the concept they took, along with their killer swerve drive. With a record of 8 regional events, with 5 wins and 1 finalist Cyber Knights are always a threat for the blue banner.

558- This team had a phenomenal season last year taking home a total of 3 blue banners. two for district wins and one for chairmans, look for this team to continue down the road of success with another great robot this year.

230- Another team that had an amazing season last year being finalist at 2 of their 4 events and winning there other 2 events. After looking this robot over at the scrimmage, they have a highly possible chance at repeating their success from year ago.

176- Ace’s High builds great robot each and every year, they are always ready to compete come competition time and are always contenders in the eliminations. Last year
they were finalist at both events they attended. As one of the most historically significant teams in New England you should expect this team to be ready.

1124- Uberbots weren’t going to be on this list until I saw how well their robot worked at the scrimmage, they were the fastest 4 stacker, and could pick up totes from anywhere on the field. Im looking forward to seeing this team in the Eliminations

2067- Swerve Swerve Swerve, Apple pie has one of the smoothest swerves in New England. As predicted early on a good swerve drive could be the difference between a 6 stack and a pile of totes. Besides this teams swerve, they also built a great robots to accomodate. They can stack quickly and can grab totes from any direction. With some minor refinements this team could very well be a top team in New England.

Dark horses:
3525- After a good season last year, being finalist at Pine Tree and making it all the way to St. Louis for their first time, look for this team to continue their recent success at Waterbury a home event for them.

237- Black Magic has a great looking robot this year, they can grab, not one not two, but 4 RC containers off the step, as well as stack totes. looking forward to seeing this robot in action on Sunday.

4055- After an amazing season last year, with two finalist showings and topping it off with a District Championship win. This young team has a lot of potential. Look for them to contend for blue banners this year starting at Waterbury.

2nd year teams-
5129- I truly admire this team and the improvements they made last year. Whenever a rookie team wins a blue banner it’s a wonderful site. They were a great 3rd pick being able to inbound the ball extremely well, look for them to compete for blue banners again.

Some other teams that always put on a good show consistently: 228 (GUS), 2064 (Panther Project), 1071 (MAX), 2836 (Team BETA), and never forget our National Chairman’s award winning team 236 (Techno-Ticks)!

I remember watching last year’s events and these teams also stuck out!

Looking over the list, I can remember key plays by every team on there! So I expect this to be a truly competitive event! Hopefully, the rookie teams and second year teams can also cement their place alongside the some of the legends of New England!

Good luck to everyone!

This event is stacked it would have taken me all day to state all these teams, I’m excited and I feel it’s going to be one of the best event in NE THIS YEAR

Thanks for the kind words. 195 had a bit of a rough day at Suffield. If it looked like we were tired most of the day, we were. A few of us were running on no sleep.

We’ve made some adjustments on the practice bot this past week, and updated the swerve drive code a little bit.

Hopefully we can move on the field at this event :stuck_out_tongue:

This worries/impresses me a little bit. Someone already saying good things about 195 and saying they’ve already improved? I’m extra excited to see this bot now! Just think how much better they’ll be by the end of this event!

I feel that our robot, team 2170, was a true underdog this year. No one even expected us to place, but we were the 3rd seated alliance captain. This was the highest ranking that we have ever had.
According to the opr on, We did well.
We look forward to competing more.

I’m sure at Hartford our true potential will shine through. ::safety::


Learned a bunch watching pioneer valley district today.
Can’t wait for hartford!