[NE] Rhode Island District Event

Hey, no thread yet. What’s up in Smithfield?

Last week the prediction thread went up a day or two before the event began.

Does anyone have a good campus map showing which building we will be in?

Hey everyone! I’m the planning chair for RIDE and I’ve attached a copy of the welcome packet that went out to all the teams.

See everyone there!

RIDE_17_Welcome_Packet_FINAL.pdf (1.52 MB)

RIDE_17_Welcome_Packet_FINAL.pdf (1.52 MB)

Does the NEForecast for the Rhode Island Event go up today?

That’s the plan!

The most fun I’ve had announcing in such a long time!!! Thanks to the awesome crew we had down on field side and the planning committee.

What made it all worth it? – Semi Final 2 Match 3, y’all have to see this. When the match gets uploaded to Youtube, I’ll post the link but for right now, if you want to relive that moment or check out the craziness for yourself check the stream archive at around 8:37:30: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/131327372

The red alliance pilots did not place the reserve gear in play AT ALL during the match, and still managed to get 4 rotors going to win the match in the last few moments. They had it the whole time, but didn’t realize it and kept the match very exciting to say the least. It was a magical moment indeed :]

Amazing job by all teams at the event. That’s all for me for this season :slight_smile:

One of our team lost a phone at RIDE today, Sunday, 3/26/17? If you found it please let me know, [email protected].

Thank you

My team (4176) was on that alliance. Needless to say it was both hilarious and frustrating watching our pilot operate the airship without the reserve gear. Somewhat impressed that we made it without that, but again it was quite an emotional experience for all involved.

Never have I yelled so hard as I did that match.

Can someone explain what happened in QM4-1, where the blue alliance ended up with 0 points?

Two Yellows for reaching out of the airship.

A double yellow card.There were two instances of a pilot reaching outside of the ship to grab a gear.