NE Scouting Newsletter: Week 1 SE Mass Bubble Chart

Hello everyone, I am Simar, the 1073 Scouting/Strategy Lead!

This is the first post of event season for the NE Scouting Newsletter! (more info about the initiative is in this post: Public Scouting Newsletter for NE District)

This is the Day 1 Bubble Chart for the SE Mass District Event, using data that was graciously provided to us by FRC 7407. Huge shoutout to them for letting me make this visualization using their data, and publish it! As mentioned in the previous post, I will make a final bubble and bar chart using final event data a day after the event ends. Due to the strange circumstances that caused the Granite State District Event to become a 1 day event, I was not able to post the bubble chart before Alliance Selection, and I am very sorry about any teams who did not have data. I will be posting the Master Chart for both events together, and will release the Bar and Bubble chart for Granite State at that time as well.

Here is the Bubble Chart Visualization for SE Mass:

Thank you, and sorry again to any teams who did not have data at GSD

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