Nedcmp 2020

Anyone in New England happen to have any word on where NEDCMP 2020 is happening? I am just really curious.

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The only rumor I have heard is that it will go to 2 divisions, and as a result will be in the XL convention center (where the CT regional used to be held). I do have my doubts, with the cost probably being high.

I would assume that it would go to the XL Center, as it did in 2016 and following a 4 year cycle pattern.

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XL Center?

The XL Center and the Convention Center are two different places, can you clarify which you mean?


How many teams would be in each division?

The rumor I’ve heard:

It will be held at UNH using both the whit and the field house, with two 50-team divisions.


How do other districts do champs?

If it’s anything like the past few years, we won’t know until October-November (Very Unfortunate).


I really hope they don’t move to two divisions. Even as a team that didn’t make the cut this year, I really enjoy that our DCMP is so deep. I think if it was divided, the level of play would be lower. As it is now, New England DCMP has some of the best statistics in regards to unicorn matches (~18%) and rocket completion (~27%) in quals. Only Michigan’s Dow division was anywhere close, and other FIM divisions were much lower.


It depends on the district size but some do two field and some do one. Michigan does 4 because it’s huge and Ontario does 2. The winners of the divisions face each other to crown a champion with multiple divisions.


So like a smaller Detroit?

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I think it would be more interesting as there wouldn’t be that many powerful alliance as all the powerhouse teams would be split up. In my opinion it would be more competitive.

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I’ve always been able to see both sides of the argument, divisions gives more teams a chance to make it into Elims, some of the amazing teams that didn’t get to play Saturday afternoon felt criminal. On the other hand I’ve always loved the highly competitive nature of one field, and I feel that a district championship should be one where you get to play with every team in the district, I think if we do switch to divisions having half the top New England teams at another field that I’ll never get to compete against is something that I’ll definitely miss.


The two division rumor was that it was going to be held in the convention center that held the CT regional.

I believe that the XL Center is going to host the next DCMP in 2020.

40-50 team divisions, such that the proportion of teams that go to DCMP compared to the district is roughly the same as other districts. (30% NE to 40-50% by expanding to 2 divisions, 30% FIM, 47% ONT, 46% CHS, 33% TX, 67% Israel, 46% Mid Atlantic, 45% NC, 55% Indiana, 41% PNW, 52% Peachtree)

I have seen the issue of divisions in DCMP not as a form of making it to elims, but rather that more teams get to compete there.

Is it possible that it gets too competitive for a district championship, that it was more competitive than some fields at worlds this year (or any year, past or future)?


The community shouldn’t expect to see 100% set is stone announcement on the 2020 DCMP plans until the Fall which has been normal for us. If NE is moving to a two field DCMP, it would be consistent with team announcements large and small that we’ll know of a move to two fields before we know where exactly.

From what I’ve heard, finding locations capable of hosting a two field DCMP for playing fields & pits isn’t easy considering the list of venues compared to what will work best for all regions of NE for travel, etc. Its a tough criteria to fit that has space and makes everyone happy for commuting and hotels so I wouldn’t be envious of anyone working on it and try to rush them either. Give them the time the need.

Two fields for DCMP would be nice considering smaller districts like Ontario send more teams to DCMP. Its not a huge jump in growth - roughly two 40 team fields vs. one 64 team field like we’ve seen. Doing so would help get some more teams to play on the larger stage of NE while evening out the field and getting more teams into the elimination bracket who deserve to be there.

It would separate teams, but it wouldn’t be as huge of a divide as North vs. South champs or the enormousness of Worlds where its hard to see everyone. The division assignment wouldn’t be permanent either so Maine won’t be cutoff from New Hampshire or Connecticut at the DCMP level.


Seems very suspicious, CHS is doing the same thing “this is a pilot” but as far as places that could handle this only handful in VA or MD only seems like what has been said before this will cost a pretty penny.

One thing that has bothered me about having such a small field at DCMP is that points are weighted so heavily there that the rest of the district season really doesn’t matter. If you make elims, you go to champs, if you don’t, you are out (with some rare exceptions). Having two divisions would help prevent a team coming in ranked in the top 20 for district points, not making elims for one reason or another, and then missing out on champs. Yes, it might water down the field a little bit, but I don’t think it would be to any extreme amount. I do also agree that IF there are two divisions, they should try and find a venue where both fields can be help in the same spot so the teams will still get to interact. Two separate venues would be a big let down.


Well yes that too, there’s a number of different pros you can cite for a multi-division dcmp.

That’s a tough question and I feel like that’d be up to personal opinion/the nature of the specific year’s game. Some games give a significant edge to the higher seeds, likewise some games the lower seeds only have a chance when there is a deep enough field, so in an odd way the dcmp being more competitive can actually level the playing field.

As far as if it’s too competitive compared to worlds divisions I’d say that things are fine the way they are now, the match-to-match play in dcmp might be better but the top end at worlds is almost always stronger regardless of division (Curie this year taking a lot of top teams from other divisions makes that statement a bit of an outlier, but in general I think it holds true). It might not be the most natural progression of how a competition season should be but I wouldn’t want to bring another event down in competitiveness to make the other appear more elevated.


For any region that has more than 24 qualifying spots to a Championship, I think there’s huge value in having two divisions when it comes to advancement. Without the extra alliance selection and playoff performance points you get by adding a division, you have very little separating the teams ranked 24-40. I would much rather the deciding factor for these last few teams be points earned based on on-field performance, rather than awards and team age. Sure the level of competition in the playoff rounds is lower with two divisions and some dream alliances can never be formed, but I’m okay with that if it helps ensure a region sends the most deserving robots to Champs.