Need 2016 Stronghold Boulders for Senior Design Project

Hey Everyone,
I’m working on a senior design project that’s going to be designed to shoot different balls and I wanted to use the boulders from 2016 since they match our dimensional requirement of 10" diameter. Looked at the game manual to try and find where I could buy some now, but don’t think we have the budget to spend $205 + shipping for 6 of these balls.

So that’s why I’m reaching out to y’all. If your team has some left-over that you don’t need for demos and don’t mind either donating or selling them, please let me know. You can either message me here, through a PM, or at my email

Thank you so much for looking into this and if you have any suggestions on alternatives I’d be happy to hear it.

I would recommend something generic like if you can’t find ‘boulders’. Unless it’s a multipack, those are still kind of steep. 10 inch seems like a difficult size, as 6, 7, and 8 seem more standard. 7 being the most common I could find for skinned foam dodge balls.

Did you reach out to AndyMark? They might have some left…

If you are set on using the 2016 Boulders instead of what @caltemus suggested, you can take advantage of some of the upcoming off-season events in your area such as the NTX and Remix events. This would save teams the trouble of having to pack and ship them to you.

We don’t have any unfortunately. It’s actually something people ask us about a lot. I think I have heard more requests from people for boulders than most other game pieces. I would be interested to know why.

For the sake of clarity, I work for AndyMark.

@caltemus I agree those are some pretty steep costs, but thanks for finding some more options. The reason we are doing 10" diameter is because our senior design project needs to shoot basketballs as a base system so we want to keep ball diameter the same.

@Hikel_team_319 I was going to contact Andymark in case they did, but thank you @Jon_K for letting me know ahead of time.

Guess I’ll keep trying to find alternatives so we can test our system. So again, if anyone has extras I don’t mind working out a way to get them to us. BTW, I am Tucson, Arizona but will personally be visiting my home back in the DFW, Texas area during thanksgiving and winter break.

I don’t know about anyone else, but our team’s boulders are starting to seriously disintegrate and fall apart at this point. I would stick with a more commercially available ball.

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Maybe because Stronghold was dubbed the best FRC game of “modern” FRC?

My guess would be that it’s great for demos. Our 2016 bot remains intact partly due to this. (plus we don’t have a reason to tear it apart) It’s a soft ball kids can catch and throw back.

@Holoptics All of our Boulders are basically destroyed except for one that is signed an on a shelf, so we bought a comparable one off Amazon, which I see is now no longer available. (Gator Skin 10in skinned foam ball) Possibly can find that or ones mentioned above.

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I have a feeling I know what the least requested game piece is…

Something about RR?

It seems like they actually sold all their totes and cans, presumably since they have a use outside of “playing” Recycle Rush. I do wonder if anyone bought that 100 pack of totes though…

You can’t just say that… shooting teams have got to have over 20 fuels.

But. You can say that during off season.

Who dubbed it so? Personally, I thought Steamworks was a better game design, and Power Up robots were more impressive (in general).

And what’s the cutoff for “modern”? A lot of people loved Aerial Assist, it’s still my favorite game, although 2014 is getting back there a bit now.

I forgot his name… but it was a livestream for (2018 or 19)'s teaser.

same here

I personally think modern is 2016 and forwards… Not sure what others think of it.

The campground where my kid’s church summer camp was at had these “boulders” as dodge balls. She was told me that the dodge balls were grey and had the FIRST logo on them. Now that is recycling.

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