Need 6" Omni Wheel

We are in need of 6" omni wheels, specifically like the one in the link:
Andymark no longer carries these, and I can’t find any other place that does than RobotShop. Does any team have any of these lying around that they would be willing to lend? We also need them to be the single roller, as opposed to the double roller that Vex carries. Please PM me if you have any. Thanks!

Aren’t the Vex Omni wheels two halves screwed together? Can you take one apart to make two single roller wheels?

Ah, it seems that it is. Thanks!

Actually, looking into the CAD, it doesn’t look like it is two halves. Can anyone who had the Vex Omni-Directional wheel confirm or deny?

We are using them on this years robot and when I go into the lab tomorrow morning, I will post whether they are or not.

The newest ones can be separated but if you are putting a large weight load on them I would highly suggest against doing so.

You might have better luck with the dual AndyMark ones, the Vex versions are molded together I think. In either case you’re going to have a hard time getting a hub to mount properly to half of a wheel.

These are older wheels that we have, which Andymark used to make but doesn’t anymore. They have an 8" version, but not a 6" version. For reference, these are the 8": We found that Andymark’s 6" wheels don’t have enough traction, while these do. This is also for our practice robot, as our competition robot has enough wheel and we want them to be identical for practice.

Worst comes to worst, we machined our own 12" omnis on our CNC last year out of aluminum, I’m sure the same would be possible here if you guys have the resources. I could probably get a CAD file to base off of in that case if you’d like.

I’d say worst case scenario is they take the wheels off their competition robot and slap them back on first thing after unbagging at competition rather than machine their own wheel…

Yes, I agree that is what will happen if we can’t get any at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, we do not have a CNC. That is the first item on the purchase list for next year!