Need a 1/2 to 1HP 120VAC 1ph 5/8" shaft motor for a dead lathe (SE MI)

Crud… We have a VERY old lathe here, whose AC motor has just failed. I need to get the lathe running again so we can get back to making parts.

Is there is anyone in the SE MI area with a decent surplus 1/2 to 1HP 120VAC 1-phase motor (5/8" shaft) underfoot that they don’t need anymore (or a cheap source for a new one)? If so, please contact me via CDF Email ASAP at:

Physical frame size is irrelevant as it mounts on an external plate and I can make anything work. I just need to make sure it has a 5/8" keyway shaft so I can keep the same pulley set.

BTW… If you are anywhere near me (Ann Arbor MI), I’ll be happy to drop everything and run out to pick it up.

adTHANKSvance !!!

  • Keith

Not surplus, but there’s a Harbor Freight just over in Ypsilanti. They should have a motor that will work. Here’s a 20% off coupon.

I made a grinder from a 1/2HP washing machine motor that had a 5/8" shaft. Got an old washing around? Try Graingers for a new one.

A VERY cool idea, but no I don’t have an old washer anymore. (I DID though, not too long ago… Darn bad timing!)

The local motor places are asking a couple of hundred for a new one, and the current budget is shot buying robot parts over the last few weeks.

With the number of people here, I thought it was worth a shot asking… I was hoping SOMEONE might HAVE one, just laying around.

Well, is there anyone out there near me with a defunct washer, dryer, furnace, dish washer, house fan, garage door opener (etc) with the right motor??? I’ll bring the dissection tools, and help you dispose of the carcass… :smiley:

  • Keith

If harbor freight doesn’t have them on hand, mcmaster sells the 3/4 horsepower single phase with 5/8 shaft for $157.

The model number is 5990K48

They generally can deliver very very quickly (matter of days).