need a dress?

Thought you guys would get a kick outta that.

Ooh! Check out how much it went for. :smiley:

finaly a way for me to put my skills to work and make some money…
I’ll flood the market with cheap duct tape clothing!

Is this what the president had in mind when he said we should all buy duct tape?


And I thought the guy selling his soul on ebay was bad enough.

Along with the dress, you could also bid on this:



A limited picture of someone’s friend named Frank!

If you win that auction, you could move out to your newly acquired ghost-town with your cheeto and picture of Frank and live happily ever after.

…and then recreate your own serial killing…

eBay rules :slight_smile: (Man…do i need a life, or what?)

Why stop at clothing? I wonder if I could make a duct tape car…

Maybe this thread should be moved to fundraising :smiley:

Bah! eBay closed the Cheeto auction…
But this one is almost as good :slight_smile:

on one of the local morning radio shows, the dj was bidding on the giant cheeto, but it got up to 50 so he quit. it was kinda funny

or, you could go for pants:

hey evulish- how much do you figure your suit would go for?

Hey I liked the Russian Mig-21bis better…(fly to Houston in a Mig)

*Originally posted by OneAngryDaisy *
**hey evulish- how much do you figure your suit would go for? **

Hmm…maybe once it becomes to nasty to wear, I’ll auction it off. I figure maybe $20. I mean, it’s nice…but not that nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh just what I needed for prom. a Duct Tape Dress. Oi Vey. Anyone else just think this world has gone too crazy? Kids building robots and people making duck tape dresses…my my my…

last year there was a scholarship offered to anyone who went to prom in a duct tape outfit. My freind and his date participated…
They lost to a guy whose suit utilized different colored tape and whose date’s dress had “ruffles” on it