Need a FIRST Robotics control system

I developed a new high school robotics team in Southeast Texas hoping to compete in FIRST Robotics. Lack of funding prevents us from entering FIRST at this time. But, I found a smaller contest that is more appropriate for our current resourses. One of the fundamental issues facing the team is building a control system.

The contest does not have any material restrictions and I want to use an Innovation FIRST control system (or two). We will have two entries because we represent two schools, but we cannot afford even one new system. Of the hundreds of vetran teams, I suspect a few of you can spare a used control system (something less than 4 years old).
I need-
Robot Controller
Operator Interface
Spike Relays
Victor Speed Controllers
PWM Cables
Radio Modems

If you want to trade used components for a little cash, send me an email. Hopefully, one day we can step into the FIRST arena!


Mainland Robotics Team

I will send you a PM on this topic but I think that we can set you up. We have a lot of stuff from the years we used the IFI stuff for our Chief Delphi Invitational.

As you can see from another message, we are probably going to convert to IFI’s EDU Robotics kit, so we have some surplus items.

As I say, look for a PM soon.

Joe J.

OK, I read the threads about revamping CDI. Great idea, especially about using stock EDU-bot kits!

Thanks for the reply. Looks like my needs and your resourses are on a collision course. The contest we are working with creates underwater ROV’s. I started out with 20 plus students and was asked to field 3 teams in the Houston regional. But, my mentor pool was very limited and I could only support 2 entries. If the request is again for 3 teams I would like three control systems to give each team an equal footing.

However, my budget is very limited and I may not be able to afford more than one or two systems. The contest kicks off in January, so I have time to do a little fundraising.

Send the PM (what is a PM?) to my email box, [email protected], and I will reply to a private box with contact information.


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