Need a good table top scrolling CNC!

We have been looking at Laguna IQ. Anybody have one, or a better one? Help!

What are you cutting and what is your budget?

aluminum 1/8" and 1/4" plate have 14K but was looking to spend as little as possible without giving up precision

A couple teams (1678, 3476, 364) mentioned they’ve gotten this router within the past few years. From what I can tell, they all absolutely love it.

The Laguna looks like it can handle aluminum really easily with their bench top model. I’m impressed.

Our VeloxCNC leaves a much nicer finish with the cheaper spindle option and a less stiff table surface and can handle aluminum just as well as that if not better. For 14k you can REALLY deck out your options on the 50"x50" model.

EDIT: we have machined 1/2" plate, made #25 chain sprockets in aluminum and delrin, #35 chain sprockets from 7075.

This is leaving a pretty awful finish on the aluminum. The dimensional accuracy of the part can’t be great with that much cutter deflection.

I agree, that’s probably the reason they aren’t playing the sound of it machining during the heavy cuts.

Check these out

We have been able to push ours much harder than most of those videos show.

Is the Velox model liquid cooled like the Laguna.
Also Laguna has a repeatability of .002 and the Velox.001

I really don’t like how the ball screw is being retained on one side by just the flex coupler on the end of a stepper motor. It could be fully supported on the other end but it really should have a floating bearing block. It doesn’t speak well for the quality of the rest of the machine.

Going to drop this here:

Surface finish like that isn’t good enough for FRC use? Seriously?

No, it looks like it uses a Porter Cable Spindle. Though I assume the spindle can be changed out.

3.5Hp 15A Porter Cable 7518 Router (With Router Mount)

Yes, seriously.

That surface finish is so bad it looks measurable to .010 or so.

It definitely isn’t holding .002" for diameter and location of bearing bores.

If you don’t want to make any power transmission plates, it’d be okay. But not much more money gets you 10x the machine.

I believe you can get the Velox with a water cooled spindle, but it’s way overkill. You would have to be running the machine like a production shop before it would be worth considering. Only thing it really makes easier is changing spindle speeds with the G-code and overrides from the Mach3 controller program.

Is this Velox router any good?

Yes, but I suggest upgrading from the router to a spindle so that you can adjust the speed of your cutting tool.

Also it depends on the table you mount (not place) it on, make or buy a real sturdy table and it will be fine.

We absolutely love our VR50X50 with the HSD 3 HP spindle.

I’d disagree. The water cooled spindle has less run out than the router. When your working with small end mills at a high RPM it can make a big difference with how fast your feeds are and tool wear. I’ve run machines with both and I definitely prefer the proper spindle.

Edit: The water cooled spindles are also much much quieter.

How does that compare to a non-water cooled spindle like the HSD 3HP we have?

Same goes for the HSD, generally any spindle designed for CNC machining with a ER collet will be superior to a re purposed wood router.

We also have a fan cooled HSD spindle on our router that I love.

If your buying a spindle I’d highly recommend getting one that’s water cooled or uses a fan that’s not coupled directly to the spindle motor(HSD’s are usually setup like this). They are waaay quieter.

I agree with Devin, you can do a lot with the velox router. We have the same Velox and love it. We don’t have access to a 220 volt line so hence the router. If you don’t have the money for the spindle or adding an new 220 volt line, don’t sweat it, the router will do fine.

If we ever get enough space, maybe a second one with a spindle will be what we get but for now, we are very happy with our purchase.