need a good website for freebees

well the title says it all but this year we decided to splurge on some freebees to give away at nats and was wondering if anyone had a good website please and thankyou!

assuming I understand your post

Team badges/buttons have always been a huge part of FIRST spirit, I’d recommend buying a machine and getting somebody on your team to draw up a design. Here’s a [wide] variety of examples

For pens and other assorted items

I’m honestly just googling around.

On a different matter if you meant “I need free webhosting for my team’s website” try for free hosting as long as it’s not-for-profit

Our team gives away folding frisbees, and it is a great hit. We get them here:

We have established our artwork with them and the costs have gone down.

We get our tshirts from We have also established a local relationship and they’ve been really awesome with us in terms of pricing and really really fast turnaround time. Ask them for Matt, and tell them “Keehun” referred you and they probably would realize you’re also in FIRST! (They’re Michigan based but they have a local shop in Minnesota)

Team 2502

I would reccomend Vista Print they have alot of items for free its something like the first of each item is free and you just pay shipping. I get alot of single items in one order and i just pay shipping, there stuff is good quality too.

Oriental Trading has loads of noisemakers, stickers, and other little thingies that are great for competition. They also sell by dozens and grosses so its extra cheap.

Another idea that someone mentioned above me is buttons, and while these are also cheap to buy in large numbers, its cheapest to just to buy a machine and have some freshmen crank them out. :smiley:

Awesome thankyou so much everyone and don’t worry we have the machines for the buttons and we have about 15 freshmen this year which is more income than usual so I will be assigning some to that business