Need a motor


I am lookiing for a motor and a track and where to purchase it. The motor needs to be able to move something along the straight track back and forth.

Any links/suggestions much appreciated

Depends…does it need to be FIRST motors or just any electric motor or what?


model trains?? slotcars? :rolleyes:

you’re gonna have to be a bit more specific than that for us to effectively help you

It does not need to be a FIRST motor. What i am trying to do is put a marker on a track and have it go back and forth, preferably at a reasonably fast speed. Would like to keep the price down.

How long is the track?

12 inches at most

ANY motor with pinion on a rack with two switches at the turnaround points. how heavy a load do you need to move?

a marker ie like 3 ounces

If you can, use Fischertechnic parts. We use them in my POE (Project Lead the Way class) class sometimes. They have pretty small motors that move relatively fast and you can program switches. It’s pretty basic programming.


Where can I get such a track and motor though? I dont really know anything about mech eng (i am an EE and my partner is a CS so we can do the circuit and programming but otherwise clueless)

This site should help you out. A little less professional then the stuff we have at school but it should be what you need. It may look like little kid stuff but it works great!


ooooh a marker as in ink marker lol… i thought like a sign or w/e
LEGO!!! mindstorms is real simple. the rcxc 1.5 is soooo easy to program. and if its not enuf for u theres plenty of free languages u can download. as for making a track, its real easy. the hardest would probably be attaching a marker to the bricks. but hey, at the worst, itll be a ducttape or hotglue job. :smiley:

Kyle, does the power motor kit have stuff to make a track for the motor to work with or does fischertechnik sell parts to make the track? and can we control it using BASIC

It should come with its own control unit. With their own programming. Its very simple to program, it uses blocks and then you just connect them. You probably can order separate parts from them.