Need a motorized cart and don't feel like building it?

Check this out and see if you like it. I didn’t check the price.

I’m not too crazy about motorized carts… I mean who wants to charge 2 batteries before every match!?

But those lift carts are really cool. Those would definitely be handy for working on the bot.

anyone who wants one of those lift carts, and has a PepBoys near there shop, theirs has recently been discontinued and there selling for $30! (in stores only)

179 now has one to use on our new cart :cool:

Doesn’t seem like its too big though, and if you have a robot with an odd manipulator, seems like it might fall right off…

Although I guess a motorized cart is handy.
And maybe less squeaky/noisey (compared to our carts)…
Then again motors…

Pro: Less work
Con: Robots may not fit. Although I didn’t check the dimensions…

Looking at that enclosure suspended underneath the middle of the cart, I’d be concerned with ground clearance if there are ever any abrupt bumps like the ones made by the protective coverings for cables that are run across the floor at venues. I can’t quite tell how low that box is slung.

You might also be concerned with navigating curbs if a ramp from sidewalk to street isn’t available.

The model JRMC-11 was quoted to us at a price of $1995! :eek:

Moto-Cart Jr. Self Propelled Electric Platform Truck by Lift Products
with the following specifications:

**Model: JRMC-11 **

  • Capacity: 1,100 lbs.

  • Platform Size: 24” x 45.5” useable

  • Overall Size: 25” x 52.5”

  • Platform Height: 12.5” from floor

  • Incline Rating: 1,000 lbs at 6°

  • Maximum Travel Speed: 2.6 MPH
    Moto-Cart Standard Features:

  • 24 volt electrical system

  • Durable transaxle drive

  • Maintenance Free Batteries with Built-in Charger (2-33 AH)

  • Automatic braking (dynamic regenerative)

  • Automatic parking brake

  • Stop Switch (Belly Bump)

  • Variable Speed Control (Curtis 110 AMP)

  • LED Battery level gauge

  • 4-Wheel Unit, Pneumatic Drive Tires, Poly Casters

  • Key switch
    *]Color: White

We certainly have no intention in buying one. Just showing what I found online.

What self-respecting FIRST team would want to buy something mechanical when they could build it…?

Build it and you get to customize it to be your own…

On board slushy machine anyone? (On my list of features for a perfect cart)