Need a place to crash in San Diego!

The Falcon Robotics team is going to compete in San Diego at the
AUVSI Foundation and ONR’s 16th International RoboSub Competition
July 22-28, 2013
SSC Pacific TRANSDEC, San Diego, CA
We are short on funds and a hotel for 7 days is cost prohibitive, so we are reaching out to the FIRST community. Are there any teams in San Diego area near Point Loma that we can maybe get a place to stay with. There are 10 boys and 2 girls. Three adults one female and 2 males. We just need a place to stay to sleep only. We will be gone all day, everyday. We will eat all our meals at the event or on mission beach in the evenings. We can be split into groups if that is easier. but an at least one adult must be with each group. Please let us know if you can help us out.

We are the second team listed under participating teams.

Here is our AUV website
here is last years AUV
Here is this years new hull
and new lattice structure