Need a simple challenge for VEX summer camp

So I am a bit brain dead after back to back regional events, Lone Star & Bayou, and I have to get some ‘real’ work done and I just need some help. Can’t keep from thinking about logistics for the Championship event in Atlanta:)!

I just accepted a position at Northwest Vista College as the new Robotics Support Center director. Previously a 15 year veteran teacher in Edgewood ISD, the home of the Toltechs, FRC 499.

One of my tasks is to develop a 90 contact hour teacher institute for this summer. I am at the point of needed to start putting in specifics. One of the specifics is a mini-challenge for the end of week one where the teachers will have to build up the basic Vex Square bot to reach a goal. The purpose for building up is to require the teachers to apply the lessons about C.G. as they apply to building robots to reach high objects.

So does anyone recall a simple challenge they played or used that could fit or be modified for my purpose? Or are you feeling creative enough to send me a rough scenario idea.:cool:



Andrew Schuetze
TIER Robotics Support Center Director
Northwest Vista College
3535 N. Ellison dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78251
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I taught at a summer camp that used LEGO Mindstorms for three summers. Of all the hair-brained schemes I cooked up, this one worked the best, both in terms of camper success rate and just general level of fun to witness happen. (Yes, PVC pipe can do anything.)


Are you looking for a FRC/FTC/BEST style competition, or a simple building challenge? I whipped up a Vex game a few years ago for a Houston Vex competition that worked out fairly well. We were restricted to little more than the basic kit, so the game was picking up ball pit balls and putting them in scoring zones, but I think just a little bit of modification for slightly heavier balls would make it a decent demonstration of CG problems when reaching out, as opposed to up.

I just need a short challenge that will require the teachers to go vertical from the basic square bot. Grab/knock/push something off of a pedastal or shelf. They will have an afternoon to build something and hopefully apply lessons learned about keeping C.G. low and between the wheel base.



Thanks Bill,

I remember seeing you post this once I saw this and it might just be the ticket as it only requires being able to verticle and then hoist.

MOE 365 has run a one day VEX challenge for high schoolers who are in the Ulster Project (which brings Catholic and Protestant students from N Ireland to stay with US students for a month). Rules for a simple game are included on our web page describing the challenge. Feel free to use any thing on that page that could help you.