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if you’re having trouble developing a useful web site, then you can go to the link below and download our fully featured web site. you can see a live demo at:

you can down it here:

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Can you give me detailed insturtions about how to use this interesting program?? Im trying to build a website but I don’t have the time to code it.

You will need a Linux server with MySQL, PHP, and Apache installed.

Basically, download a simple to install distribution (such as SuSe [] or Mandrake []. These will come with these services installed. Then download the “” file and follow the instructions in the READ.ME

Thanks a lot and if you have any questions e-mail me:
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This is a great idea… I actually had an idea for a project similar to this a while back… but we never quite got it off the ground.

Could you please tell me what advantages this has over say… PHP-Nuke and sother website management systems? What makes it especially special for FIRST teams?

Will this run on Windows? Don’t get me wrong, of course ubergeeks would prefer Linux, but not all teams have that privledge. Both PHP and mySQL are supported on Windows, so all you’d need was a Windows install script, with maybe a few modifications.

Thank ya.

To answer the Linux/Win question, our site runs on a Linux Webserver, but i do all design on my home computer which is windows and then just up-load. Just go to and and download a Win 32 binary. They are self installers. Also, you’ll need a webserver (with windows either IIS or PWS, but i use an apache webserver win32 binary download at: ) If you’re running windows, many files will be .tar or .bz or.bz2 so be sure that you download a de-compressor for windows. I use 7-zip;

I’m not sure what übergeek’s uses for the main page (i’m guessing flash mabey with dreamweaver??) - sorry to lazey to read the source code. But, they use phpBB forums (which are free and uses) download at They are all opensource and even if you don’t know php, (which you should learn) they have a great phpbb community which have all different kinds of hacks.

I hope this helps

Yeah but we made a web installer that fetches the newest versions of all those files. I’m working on a windows version (it won’t be that hard) right now, but at this point the download consists of a linux shell script that will grab the most recent files.

if anyone needs anymore help they can e-mail me or post here.


also, i wouldn’t advise the usage of apache on windows. it has some problems that can be big nuisances at times…i’d suggest just sticking to IIS or Xitami.

I’m working hard on that windows script right now :slight_smile: