Need advice for an effective 2910 style Swerve Drive

Any advice helps really. I’ve never done a swerve before and can’t seem to get started.

This should help…

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You need to be a lot more specific. Are you trying to program a swerve? Design a swerve? Wire a swerve? Buy a swerve? Drive a swerve?

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Gotta bee the swerve.


Build a swerve. I need help from the ground up. I can’t help if i’m being kinda stupid tho.

First step with any design is to set some design goals. Are you trying to design just any swerve, or do you have some specific objective in mind? You mentioned “2910-style” so what exactly defines “2910-style” to you? If you aren’t sure what those should look like, I’d start with these:

  1. Free speed
  2. What wheels are you using?
  3. What motors are you using?
  4. Weight
  5. Size
  6. Manufacturing techniques (is this being made on a router? Is it okay if a lot of parts are 3D printed? Is it milled from a billet of 7075 aluminum?)

Past this, I’m probably not the best person to be giving advice because I’ve never actually designed a swerve.

However, my first steps would be to start with gear ratios. Since you know your motors, wheel size, and target speed, you can pull up the JVN calculator and figure out what kind of gear reduction you need. Connor posted a link to SDS (who sells 2910’s swerve modules); on there you can find the bevel gears that 2910 uses. Assuming that you need to use those bevel gears, you can figure out what the remaining gear ratio needs to be.

Next up would be figuring out a steering ratio. For this, I would just do some googling for other swerve drive threads to see what other people are using.

From there I would focus on how you’re holding the wheel onto the module, and how you’re getting power down to it. @Nick_Coussens might have better advice than me in this regard, in addition to better Caddyshack references.