Need Advice on approaching big corps. about money

I’m from 973 and we just finished up for our third year. Yes we’re done because we still can’t afford nationals. This is our problem, ill be in my senior year next year along with almost the rest of the entire team and we would all like to experience nationals once before we graduate. So I’m makeing this thread asking for advice on ways to raise the big money. This could be ideas for fundraisers or advice on approaching the guys who have LOTS of money. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanx.

PS - Thanx to all the teams at the Arizona and San Jose regionals, it was a lot of fun.

You may want to do a search.

Heres a recent thread about raising money quick.

Go to whitepapers. I think it was team organization not sure. Look for team 60’s whitepaper about corporate sponsorship. It is an amazing tool and will give you a really good start. They really know what they are doing when it comes to fundraising. Good luck and if you have anymore question just ask.

There are a couple other. I’d really recommend running through these for sure and then through some other white papers.

If you need money this instant this probably is not the way, but we have found one of the biggest sources of contacts within companies is the parents of the students that we mentor…everyone knows somebody who knows somebody…all it takes is getting your foot in the door @ large companies and that is half the battle imho…

I would really consider that you all organize parent meetings (where you can explain and sell the idea and explain how important this is), and better yet a parent booster club like the one we are working on…I know we have found contacts within 30+ new large companies…most of the contacts are personal contacts of parents of students on the team…

good luck I hope you all make it to nationals it is quite an experience…

First off, you’re on the right track by making this a top goal for next year now. It probably won’t make you feel any better, but there are a lot of teams in the same boat and prioritizing the limited funds is all part of the process. There is lots written about this. My advice in a nutshell is to 1)come up with a list of companies to approach. Parent contacts are a great way to start. 2) come up with the figure you need for next year; 3)write a fantastic sponsorship letter. Have it proofread many times. 4)include a brochure, or fact sheet about your team, one page color is good. Include a couple of good pictures from your team. Include highlights like # of volunteer hours, number of people, outreach things you participate in locally; 5) start this spring, work over the summer and into the fall; 6)treat it like you would a business. 7)make sure you follow up on the letter with the right contact person. Make it a priority to do a demonstration for the company.
Good luck and pm me if you would like me to send you any examples by mail.

An Idea that we have used is we made sponsorship fundraising books and a video cd. That way when anyone wants to go give a presentation at a company they just borrow a laptop pop the cd in and give a short presentation from the book. The book includes Pictures facts goals and more. GOod luck !

Set-up a business plan and make a budget. Be prepared to tell the corporations how much you would like them to donate.

business plans are good. so are definite facts about your team…graduation rates, percent going to college in technical fields, things like that. don’t expect for a huge jump right away though. Rolls started with “a few engineers”. we had to build a good relationship before financial help began.

The biggest thing is be prepared for rejection, because you are going to get it dont let it bother you move on and keep looking