Need Advice On Code Out Of Box...New To This

Dear experts, scholars, mentors

I am volunteering to help a local team with the loading of code for a robot in this years competition. I am more of a network and security guy but am a little familiar with C.

Our team would like to operate pneumatics and possibly the camera on the robot. Out of the box, the robot is functioning fine even with two joysticks although one is a little jumpy.

My question is about default user code. Is the code loaded now just fine? We got the robot January 15th 2005. Do I need to load newer master code and then user code again? It does not really seem like I need to do any programming for the basic functionalities we need. Do you agree ?

Thanks for any help.
George Murphy
Team #1696

It is fine if the controller you are using is the one that came in this year’s kit.
If you are using last season’s controller, you will need to load the new version of both the master and the user code.

I’m thinking that the new RC came with the newest master code already loaded, but I’d do it anyway, just to be safe. It’s not that big of a deal. As far as just running the default code, so long as you understand where to hook things up, it should work just fine.

The ‘out of the box’ code lets you do everything basic. You will have to change it a little if you want to get more advanced, like changing the default buttons, having more functions, and autonomous etc.

Probably the toughest part will be the autonomous programming, which I think is true for most teams :smiley:

Their is a new master code ( I believe it was mentioned in update 4) I dont know if you will ned it but it only takes 5 or so minutes to put it on the bot so you mine as well do it.

As for the jumpy joystick divide your input value by 2 and add 64, like this

pwm01 = (p1_y/2)+64;
pwm02 = ((254-p2_y)/2)+64;

That was a quick fix for ours and every one on our team agrres it is now easier to drive