Need an answer super quick, keyang motors!!!

does anyone know how to wire both the left and right hand motors. could you please show a diagram or video

Inside the little black cover are two leads, if you don’t have a connector, use two other connectors, slide one onto each lead and power the motor.

can you upload a picture or video of how to put it on or what the connector looks like

I don’t remember whether the KOP comes with the right connector, but we’ve used these crimp connectors to connect the Keyang before:

They just slide onto the leads on the motor.

I didn’t think to take pictures when I was doing it this afternoon, and I can’t get back into the shop until after work Monday, but here’s a description of how I did it…

Required equipment:

  • terminals for Keyang motor (see KOP checklist page 12 for photo)
  • terminal housing (also on KOP checklist page 12)
  • Wire (#12 AWG)
  • Soldering Iron
  • solder
  • Needle nose pliers

The terminals break off the connecting strip (wiggle it back and forth a couple of times). Take one of the terminals and a piece of wire stripped to an appropriate length. Using pliers, bend the little metal tabs around the wire to hold it in position. Next, solder it in place. Once it cools off, perform the customary jiggle test to ensure the wire is solidly in place. Repeat with a second terminal.

On the back of the terminal is a little hook that will latch into the housing if inserted correctly. Before inserting it into the housing, you may want to test-fit the bare connector onto the motor’s electrical connection to make sure it’s ok. Once you’re sure they’re in good condition, insert the terminals into the plastic housing.

The housing will only fit onto electrical connector on the motor one way. The little tab on the side of the housing will lock into the motor’s connector to keep things from working loose.

I hope this helps.

could someone tell me how the connector looks in a picture, where to get it, or how to put it on through a picture

ok, still need pictures for the electrician person thanks

You’ve been told where they are. KOP checklist, page 12.

a mentor and I just went to some local autopart stores to see if we could find the right hook-up for the -023 motor and we believe we found a match. If you all still need to find this part, go to your local autopart store and tell them part number EC86, it looks very, very, very close to the hook-up required for it.

Just thought I would let everyone else know in good sportsmanship:D