Need autonmous?

Hey Guys,

since there are still a couple teams without autonmous out there I would like to offer help to those who want a simple autonmous program like knocking down a Hanging Tetra or capping with a turned robot.

I know I can’t program all off these bot’s but I think I can find time to do 2-4 tomorrow. All the program would be is dead reckoning with timers and a couple #define’s for changing Speeds/Times/Inputs/Ouputs easily.

Alright whoever is interested just post your Team# here and I’ll come by to these teams in the order they post. Also have a Laptop/Computer with the current code you are running ready since I don’t want to mess up anybody’s Competition controls by creating a completly new Code. Writing the Code and testing will probably take around 20 Minutes so you would probably need 20-30 Minutes free time in between matches or before / after them to do it.

Felix - Team 1648 Gearbox Gangstaz