Need BanBots P80 12:1 Mounting Dimensions

The data sheet on this gearbox is unclear. Can one tell me the correct mounting bolt hole pattern? Need the locations for the holes that go into the sides - not the holes with axis parallel to the gearbox shaft.

If you have CAD you can go and print out your OWN! templates, PM me if you have any questions

The data sheets on Banebots website are not legible and appear to be wrong. Cannot find any CAD on the internet that seems reliable. I have CAD and have made my own model to the data sheets but the mounting info is not apparent. Do you have a P80 12:1 gearbox? Looking for someone with one so the dimensions can be measured directly.
see page 26

Looking at the banebot drawing on page 26, I come up up with the following for the 1/4-20 mounting holes:

Dimension parallel to the shaft axis, center to center: 2.263"

Dimension perpendicular to the shaft axis, center to center: 1.378", centered on the shaft axis. (0.689 off center axis.

These dimensions are from the “incomplete” banebot CAD drawing. We have used them in the past, but I won’t physically have in hand until tonight.

PM me if these are not the dimensions you are after. Hope this helps.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Anyone else out there that wants to chime in to verify or change, please do!

Can you veirfy the dimensions when you recieve your gearbox and post back? I’d hate to start making holes to wrong data.

A snowstorm has locked down the school. I have an EMail out to another mentor on our team to verify the dimensions.:frowning: :frowning:

Thanks for checking. BaneBots called me back yesterday. They confirmed the dimensions you said 1.378 x 2.263.

Now the only problem is I cannot get my gearbox order till next week - best case! :ahh: If you have 4 of these gearboxes laying around - I’ll take’m!