Need basic code to look at

i know c++ but the first code is a bit of a stretch from console coding so i need a basic code from last year if any one has it with like tank drive and some inputs and outputs so i can get a better feel for them. Thanks

and yes i’m a new member for this site

I assume you have Windriver installed already? Your team should have the install DVD’s for it. If you already have it installed Look at the examples. You should be able to learn pretty much everything you need to know from them (assuming you know C++)

actually i dont have wind river anymore it was on my laptop and it crashed and i doubt my team has the disks anywhere that is acesable

Heres some code we used for our mecanums. We used an external gamepad class for the logitech gamepads but it’s pretty much the same as the WPI joystick class.

Mecanum.cpp (2.01 KB)

Mecanum.cpp (2.01 KB)

Here’s our complete code from last year for our robot, Onslaught.