Need C Program!

Our team has been desperately attempting to develop an autonomous program and it has not worked out that well. This is the first year we have tried to attempt an autonomous mode. Any help would be appreciated (or a copy of a i/r program would be even better.) Please let me know if anyone has any information that would help.

Here are some samples of a few different autonomous styles developed for the EDU bot. The files auto_routines.c & .h can be dropped into your code. They are ordered as a lesson with Sample_Auto_1 being primitive and Sample_Auto_5 being more “evolved”.

Have you tried tracker from ?

What sort of stuff do you need your autonomous mode to do? I might have time to at least give you some ideas where to start with it. :slight_smile: (Or someone else might… ;))

What are u trying to do in auto mode? I have some dead reckoning code that can be used to knock off the bonus ball, and i’d be willing to help you with other objectives for your auto mode if you would like.

We were going to go with what ever was easier to wire on the robot. I was thinking of following the white line. sorry the reply took so long its hecktic over here all the time. :ahh: We have an enginneer that uses C programming alot so if you could just give me a basic walkthrough of what some of yours look like i could possibly try my own