Need C18 Compileer

I’m starting as my team’s programmer this year. I need C18 to practice with before build season, but I can’t find the link from FIRST. Any ideas? has all the stuff you’ll ever need.

Oops, sorry, that doesn’t have the compiler.

The link we got at the beginning of the year was good only for a couple of weeks. If you didn’t get the new version of the compiler then, your options are very limited. Teams were told explicitly not to share the software among themselves. Perhaps if you contacted Microchip and explained your situation, they might be able to help you.

You can still use the old version for practice; it just won’t support some of the stuff used in the version 2.4 default code.

The C18 compiler is no longer available on-line. It was made available to all FIRST teams during the competition season as part of a special deal with Microchip. The terms of the license stated that it would only be distributed to the teams during the build/competition season. As responsible members of the FIRST community, we need to make sure that we all abide by the terms of the license (lest we not receive such a generous offer again).

If you need to get a copy now, you have two avenues of recourse:

  1. Get the copy that your team should have received during the 2005 season. You may still use your team’s copy as long as it is for team support/development purposes. Someone on your team should still have it.
  2. Get it from Microchip. The “Student Version” is free, and available online. If your demands are not too exacting, this version may do just fine for you (at least to learn the compiler and practice). If you need the full release version, you can buy it for $495.00


im not sure if this is the most recent version, but it is indeed on the IFI site.
search the page for “Microchip C Compiler”. according to the description it includes the IDE and the C18 compiler. $49.95

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Sorry for the response delay.
Thanks, Dave. I might be able to get in touch with the programming laptop’s owner… Where is C18 located? Which files should I ask for? Thanks.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll use the student ed. I hadn’t thought of that.