Need Carpet Spec

Does anyone have a specs/datasheets for the S&S Mills Sequoia-20 carpet? I can’t get any info on it.

same here

If we can’t get the official carpet, why would it matter that we can’t get the official ball? :slight_smile:

I should get a sample of very similar carpet tomorrow

it is generically a 20ounce olefin

so any carpet supplier should carry this

hahahahah YES!!!

If you want to buy the official S&S Mills Sequoia-20 carpet used in the 2010 FRC game, the company doesn’t list it on their web site (, but you can easily order it over the phone from them at 800-241-4013. Just tell them you are a FIRST Robotics team, and they will immediately know what you are asking for. Our team ordered some of this carpet yesterday.

The carpet manufacturer says that this Sequoia-20 carpet is actually the same carpet that FRC uses every year (except last year’s low-friction surface), so if you have carpet from a previous FRC year, you can use that for this year’s robot practice. This year, per Sec. 6.2.1 in this year’s Arena rules, the carpet colors are “scotch pine green,” “polar express blue,” and “capitol red,” but you can probably use any color for most practice purposes (unless maybe if you are line-following through this year’s tunnels on the field).

The cost of the carpet is $5.50 per square yard. The carpet comes in 12’ or 15’ widths. You tell them which of these two widths, and how many feet long. They send the carpet to you by freight. If you are having it sent to a residential address, the freight company charges an extra $85 for delivery (this is typical for freight deliveries). The carpet company takes credit cards over the phone.

Hope that helps!

Does anyone how deep the pile is for the carpet?