Need Copy of Kickoff

I live in Ithaca, NY and power was out due to snow from thursday night to saturday afternoon. Power was out and our team does not have any recorded copy of the regional whether be the web broadcast or Nasa TV broadcast. If anyone could digitize a copy for our team (and for the many others out there) please, contact or AIM sn monsieurcoffee


if someone can get me a copy, i can host it
just email me at

I own a web hosting company and would be happy to host the FIRST Kickoff Video, e-mail me

Likewise… I can host the digitzed version of the kickoff event if need be… I run decently fast connection with a decently fast server… I can host aprox up to 96 Kb/sec…

does anyone have a good copy of just the animation?

Well down here in Martin County, I know that we recorded the FIRST kickoff, or at least the guy in charge of the county TV station did. He has it on Mini-DV and VHS, and im sure he knows a way to get it on his computer(he said he has over 100,000 in computer equipment) so if you want me to check on it, email me at, and i would be happy to try and get him to give me a digitized version, but i cant make any promises.:slight_smile:

Doesn’t NASA archive them?

*Originally posted by Aignam *
**Doesn’t NASA archive them? **

I think it takes some time untill NASA makes the video available on the web. It would be very nice if the teams get the kickoff video as soon as possible so people will be able to understand the game in a better way and start thinking.

If ANYONE has a copy of the kickoff please let me know, I missed it due to snow and travel to college and I would really appreciate if someone could send it to me!!!

im me at Soccagirl3 if you’ve got anything!!!

Like I said somewhere else, I can help out the west coast by hosting it on my work server. I’ve got lot’s o bandwidth.


Well my servers are east coast and central servers with lots of bandwith so, we should be fine

!! i can!! just send me a tape!! :smiley:

Ok , well i guess i will try to get in touch with the man from the county TV station. I will post a topic when i have it in digitized form(if i can get it that way).