need Dashboard help

After updating all the updates for Labview and the DriverStation, our dashboard started not showing the values (for pwms, jaguars, etc.).
I assumed this is because we needed to use the DashboardDataSender class, however when I was talking to another programmer from the regionals here, he said that those values should be automatically detected and shown. I was wondering if anybody has an idea why the values are not being shown.

If you are confused, the dashboard does show; I can see the compass, indicating I have the latest version (2.08), and I can get camera feed. However, the pwms, solenoids, etc. do not change when the joystick is pressed, etc. I was wondering how this can be fixed. Thank you in advance,

using the dashboard data sender class isn’t necessary but it can make things a lot easier.

if you do decide to use it however make sure you modify it as the original code sends junk values back (the actual code should be in the file but commented out)

declaration and usage is as follows (and assumes you have included the correct .h’s)

DashboardDataSender *dds;

dds = new DashboardDataSender();


if the code was modified correctly then it will send values every time the sendIOPortData() function is called.
also by default the solenoids are not sent along because, according to the file, “// Can’t read solenoids without an instance of the object”, make of that what you will,

i’m assuming i understood your question correctly, if i didn’t please let me know

I will assume you did as well :]. If the values are not shown by default, then the person who told me is probably wrong. So those three lines (dds->sendIOPortData() being in an infinite loop) should update the data on the dashboard? the pwms for the jaguar should be read by default correct? and I believe I just need to remove a few comment lines in the .h/.cpp? sorry for all the questions, I want to be sure.

questions are not a problem, how else would people learn?

the person that told you they are picked up by default may not of been wrong, i believe they might be in labview but i can’t confirm that myself.

as for modifying the dashboard data sender file, you want to open up the .cpp file and look for the following lines

dash.AddFloat((float) i * 5.0 / 8.0);
dash.AddU16((short) 0xAAAA);
dash.AddU16((short) 0x7777);
dash.AddU8((unsigned char) (i-1) * 255 / 9);
dash.AddU8((unsigned char) i * 255 / 10);

(I think this is all of them but i’m not sure, look around, if you see anything that looks odd feel free to ask)

around these lines should be a commented out line, usually right next to it, uncomment it and comment out the current line and try that it should get you up and running

Thank you very much for you help!! We’re in the semi-finals already, and I wont be able to update the program, but we should be up and running after the regionals, Thank you x]. And FYI, he is using java, but I assumed it should be quite similar.

my pleasure, be sure to let us know how it goes

Good luck in semis/finals

Thank you :]. we just won our semi