Need for electronics in Ghana

Calling all teams with extra parts willing to donate to a good cause!

For the last four years, team 433, the Firebirds, of Flourtown, PA, has been sending cannibalized robotics parts to our friends in Ghana, who are running an organization to provide structured activities (including a science/robotics club) for Ghanaian youth.

In the past years, teams competing in the Philadelphia regional have been generous in their donations, but we would now like to cast a wider net.

We are asking for donations of any electronic components, but especially robot controllers, operator interface, and radios. Now that we have the new National Instruments system, we would love to receive any obsolete control systems from Innovation First. Please let us know of your team’s interest in donating any parts via Chief Delphi, and we will let you know how to get involved.

Thank you for your generosity,
Team 433

Will you be attending any offseasons in October/November?

What you can do is ask teams to bring whatever they have to competitions like Ramp Riot and Brunswick Eruption. It would be much easier to collect the parts.

We have some IFI components we wouldn’t mind parting with, drop me a PM.

If your team can, please get involved here. 433 is mentored by my old HS physics teacher, Bob Foell, and I’m pretty sure he could still change my grade if I didn’t give 433 some support here ;).

Seriously, though I had the pleasure of meeting the Ghanian contingent a few years back at the Philly regional and we’ve donated unused electronics/control systems in the past to the cause. Wonderful folks doing a wonderful thing in need of some support.