Need Fundraising Ideas for Build Season & Competition Luxuries Part 2

Last year our team started an incentive program which worked really well to get all the students motivated into raising money. We raised $15,000 than in previous years. It has turned into a sort of mini economy situation over here. Here is the link to last years topic, Need Fundraising Ideas for Build Season & Competition Luxuries

  • Ways to earn money
    • if a contact leads to a partnership
      • keep 100% if no marketing team was necessary to close the sale
      • keep 50% of money for finder’s fee
      • the other 50% goes to the marketing team who closed the sale
    • Fundraisers
    • selling merch
    • working concession stands at Notre Dame

Here is the money we made, printed on business cards we got for free from the teachers’ store in town.

Here are the incentives we are currently running. Some can be bought multiple times and some are one offs.

The highest amount a single student raised this year was $2,331.90

So my question to the FIRST community is, what else would you love to buy to make Robotics even cooler?


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