Need hel programming LabView Dual Action Gamepad

I’m trying to program the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad and Labview doesn’t seem to be recognizing it. Can I get some help on how to get labview to recognize it and program the controller

See if the Classmate OS recognizes it.
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Game Controllers

We haven’t had any problems with it. Plugged it into the USB hub and it showed up in the SETUP tab in the Driver’s Station.

We too did not have a problem using the gamepad

Today our first day of matches we finally got another game pad to replace one we lost. I plugged in the controller and nothing happens, xp wont recognize it but control panel refreshes when its plugged in. Dashboard only recognizes the regular joysticks. Any ideas?

EDIT: After restarting the classmate a time or two I got it to read the game pad.

Have you installed the most recent updates? We had all sorts of problems with out them.::safety::