Need Help 3d Studio!

I am sopost to teach a Class @ FIRST PLACE next week on 3d Studio R4, and I dont know how to even use it!?!? Is there a crash course site, or something! HELP!

How did you get stuck teaching about something you don’t know about?

Check Help->Tutorials or something. Somewhere there are tutorials that will teach you the basics and then some. Read everything and don’t skip steps :smiley:

if they gave you a copy of the software that we all got it hd a whole cd and 200 page book full of tutorials, try those if you have time.

Matt if you had listened to Mark :rolleyes: at camp he told those of you that dont know 3ds to go to the FIRST Site then click FIRST Robotics, then Getting started, then down at the very bottem there is Design your way to Mars that is the tutorial that we show the kids on monday