need help assembling parts in inventor .. (was: help)

helo every body ive been tring to assemble thise parts in inventor but with no luck could you please help me and teach me how to esamble them correctly with thanks in advance jhallel

Step 1 Mate the Back of the p channel to the back plate to the C-channel.

Step 2 Normally you would mate the holes that are on P Channel to the Connector But it seems that your peice doesnt Have the Holes so i suggest you do Connect The Bottom of the connector piece which I labeled “A” To the Top Of the P Chnnel Which I labeled “A” Do the Same with “B”. Do this for all the corners and it should work

I would suggest reading the tutorials… thats how I learned all of it

When you’re in the assembly environment:

[li]Go to the panel at the left and add a constraint
[/li][li]After the dialog box opens, press F1 for the help page on assembly constraints.
[/li][li]Look around the help to learn how to constrain parts to each other. The main constraints you’ll need are:
[li]Mate from face to face
[/li][li]Flush between two faces
[/li][li]Coaxial mate (mate between the axis of one cylinder or hole, to the axis of another cylinder or hole)
[li]Think about degrees of freedom: An unconstrained object has 6 degrees of freedom - 3 for motion in the direction of the X, Y, and Z axes, and 3 for rotation around each of the X, Y, and Z axes. You want to reduce the degrees of freedom by constraining parts to each other and limiting the ways they are free to move.
[/li][li]Inventor Help can teach you the options that are available in assemblies, but it can only go so far. To get a thorough understanding of assemblies, or the other basic areas of Inventor, use the Get Started guide. This is a PDF that comes with Inventor. The file path looks something like this:
[/li]C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 11\PSS\AIP11_GetStart.pdf

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].

use the constraint tool…it works really well…im also trying to decide if in the design for the inventor competition should we add all the screws and bolts?

Constraints, constraints, and more constraints. Learn to use them and your parts will stay together.:cool: