Need help connecting to PDP

I have 5 motor , 4 Talon SRX’s and 1 Victor SPX, and 1 pneumatic control module. How do I hook all these up to the CANBUS?

I found this documentation. Its older but should still be relevant.

The PDP has a terminating resister that signify the end of the can bus. This must be the last device in the chain. The Roborio must be the first device. The Talons, Victors, and PCM should all be connected in a chain between the two. You can solder the wires together between each one or use a connector like a can connector in the documentation bellow or a pwm connector.

for the talon SRX see section 1.3.2 here:’s%20Guide.pdf

Here is what you would need to use PWM if your not comfortable soldering.

This is good for securing the connections:

We use these as our can connectors. It is a lot faster and easier than soldering.

Our team uses these: works amazingly! these work great. We crimp ferrules onto the end of the wires and plug them in. we have four of these on our robot in each of our corners.

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