need help double checking...

I’ve just finish the lecture notes for the motor selection workshop I will be presenting this weekend… It’s more like detailed text explaining everything in the presentation… For students to look over afterward, and in case they completely forget everything in the presentation.

And I am wondering if some of you can take a look at this and point out errors, mistakes, etc…

By the way, this presentation is designed for students without any experience in this topic… So I am trying to avoid getting too technical.

In some part I used some overly generalized explainations. Please point out any unclear parts that’s hard to understand.


motor selection workshop notes.doc (89 KB)

motor selection workshop notes.doc (89 KB)

Looks good.

Don’t forget to give Mike Ciavaglia a plug for some of the bits of the presentation.

Good luck.

Joe J.

oops… How can I foget this~!!! Stupid Ken… Stupid…

Special Thanks to Joe J. and Mike C. for providing their presentation power point in the White paper section and the actual presentation at kick off last year. I learned so much about motors from those two engineers.

Never could’ve done this without them. THANKS!!!

Looks good Ken :slight_smile: Have fun!

  • Katie

All right, everyone. Thanks to everyone who made this “lecture notes” possible. Now that I am done with the workshop, I’ve uploaded a slightly better version in the white paper section.

Feel free to download it for future references.