Need Help Finding a Gearbox

We have a BaneBots 20:1 57 Sport with a flat input side plate and a 3/8 hex input shaft with a bearing and a gear on it. It is designed to mate to a pulley reduction to get a lower ratio. I’m not sure if the whole assembly is sold as one unit with the gearbox and the pulley reduction or as just the modified gearbox. Either way would work as we can easily fabricate the pulley setup. We only have one but need two and I can’t for the life of me find another anywhere. Any help finding this part would be greatly appreciated as it’s quite crucial in getting our design to work.

pic of the one we have here


Can you post a photo in this thread? Are you looking for this, this or this? If you have one of the “Standofff Winches”, check the dimensions with the drawings from the AnyMark website to ensure you get the right one. You will have to search for the part number after clicking on the “See_all_our_guides,_drawings_and CAD_files_here” link and then clicking on “PDF drawings”.

Edited to add: I just saw you posted a photo and I had misinterpreted what you were asking about.

none of those, its the gearbox itself, not a winch. I edited the post with a picture of what it looks like.

Is this what you are looking for? I found it by putting “sport” in the search box on the AndyMark website.

almost but not quite. needs to have the flat plate with the steel insert and the shaft needs to have a bearing on it to hold it into whatever plate the gearbox is mounted to

I was unable to find any other parts for the Sport gearboxes that look like that.

It might be easier to call AndyMark first thing in the morning and ask them directly. It may be helpful to email them the picture you posted so that they are on the same page as you are.

ok , thank you

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