Need help finding graphic

We are in a unique position. A veteran team member has been asked to give a breakout session about FIRST, our team, and the impact it had on him. This breakout session is for the National Symposium of Physics Students being held at Stephen F. Austin State University :yikes:

I remember seeing a link to a graphic posted here on Delphi (recently as in this build season) that I think might be useful to him. The graphic was of a Google-type map that had the little pushpins indicating all the FIRST teams across the nation. I have searched the FIRST web-site as well as Delphi but cannot seem to find the right keywords. If anyone can put their hands (mice) on either the thread or the link I would be grateful.

Also, if you have any suggestions about numbers/details/technical stuff you think might be helpful I am sure he would appreciate the info (or if you have given this type of presentation to a group of this nature before and would like to offer guidance). You can post it here or PM it to me and I will get it to him (then again I could just send him the link to this thread as he is a Delphi-er as well!). :smiley:

Some good stats in this thread:

I can’t find the map either. If I had the team ZIP codes I could create a map, or either of us could use some free tools to do it; but I don’t know where to get those ZIP codes.

Team 358 Hauppage Robotic Eagles has an spreadsheet of the locations of this year’s registered teams.

I suggest you plot the cities on a Google Map. There are almost 3000 teams registered this year, so you need an automated method of importing the data.

Here is a listing from usfirst of the teams, their sponsors, city and country that could be useful.

Thanks for the help everyone! I am sending the link to this thread to him and I know all this will help him tremendously!


It’s slow (at least for me) and at least one year out-of-date, but here is a map of teams in the US.

THAT’S IT!!! That’s the one I was looking for!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: