Need Help: FIRST Demos in Ann Arbor 8/9 & 8/11


I am working on putting together something this weekend to do a pitch for FIRST to the International Plumbers Union.
I am working on this with Gail Alpert from Team #469, but she is out of town.

The International Plumbers Union is having their annual convention in Ann Arbor this weekend and I am trying to get some FIRST teams to come out.
Their Chairman is a big FIRST supporter on the west coast and is looking to expand their involvement. There will be over 500 members at the convention this weekend.

They have skilled trade centers (machine shops) all over the US and Canada who can assist with making parts, shop services, mentoring, etc.
This could be a big free resource for many FIRST Teams.

We are looking for some teams to come out with a couple of students and a robot for a couple hours on Saturday Afternoon and on Monday Evening.

Event on Saturday is at Washtenau Communitee College in Ann Arbor. 11:00am to 2:00 pm

Event on Monday Evening is at a street party in Ann Arbor (woo-hoo!). 6:00pm to 8:pm

What do you think? Anyone interested? Free Food for all. Street Party in a college town!
We already have a couple of teams signed up, I am looking for a few more.
Let me know at [email protected] if you have any interest. I can provide more details.